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Pawsome Group Obedience Classes
Pawsome Dog Training is now offering 6 week group obedience training program. There are numerous benefits to these classes, one mainly being the positive atmosphere and group experience. Not only will your dog benefit from being socialized, but our group classes cover basic obedience skills, ranging from “sit” to loose-leash walking (see outline below).

You and your dog will be involved in a class with up to
10 other owners and their dogs.

Your dog will be leashed throughout the whole class and will learn how to follow the basic obedience commands with the presence
of other dogs and people.

Your dog will learn that obedience is expected not only at home, but is also generalized to other environments and places.

Where and When: Marta’s Vineyard, Brookfield CT
Saturday 10:00AM - 11:00AM

Our group classes are targeted towards dogs and their owners that need to learn basic obedience cues, as well as learning how to behave outside the home environment. I am sure that many of your furry friends behave excellently at home, but the moment they are at the park or even walking down the street and distractions occur (other dogs, people) – the obedience goes out the window! This is normal for many household dogs, which is exactly why we encourage you to attend the classes! We promise not only an effective training program, but also a fun, positive, and enjoyable learning/training experience.

Class Outline

Class 1
  • Proper use of equipment
  • Food luring
  • Focus – treats
  • Release from cue
Class 4
  • Review prior week & homework
  • Heel with Auto-sit
  • Down-stay
  • Long lead recall
  • Wait
Class 2
  • Review prior week & homework
  • Accepting Strangers
  • Heel position
  • Sit (informal)
  • Running Recall

Class 5
  • Review prior week & homework
  • Introducing distractions to
  • Recall
  • Wait
  • Sit/stay
  • Down/stay
  • Suggestion box for 6th class

If you would like to possibly enroll, please fill out the information below and expect a call from Kristen or Lori. Thanks, and I hope you join us!